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Announcing K9 Comfort Grooming!

A lot of people have asked us when we're going to start providing grooming services. How about now?

Kathryn is with us most days, depending upon requests and the number of guests in the kennel. To schedule a time, give us call!

Her focus is first and foremost on the safety, healthiness and well-being for her furry clients. In order to have the best possible spa and grooming experience, she provides a calming environment utilizing soothing spa music and aromatherapy for optimal Zen relaxation. We also specialize in mud spa's that cater to different treatment needs.

Every fur client has their specialized time. No assembly line here! Our philosophy is to gain a trusting relationship, spending quality time and giving impeccable service to our fur clients. Listening to the parent's needs, (Kathryn) (she) makes sure every detail is covered. She goes beyond standard clipper cuts, specializing in scissoring styles and techniques. From ears to tails, every detail is covered from start to finish for those furry makeovers.

Assessing our fur clients is priority. When visible signs of concern are discovered, parents will be well informed and recommendations will be given. Grooming is a vital part of the healthiness and well-being of our furry friends, which can improve their lifespan. We recommend staying consistent and keeping appointments every 6-8 weeks to ensure a happy fur client.

The miracle of mud

Your dog's skin is far more sensitive than you may think. Skin problems in dogs are one of the most frequently treat ailments we see in our dogs. One of the reasons is that a dog's skin is thinner than ours. Humans have between 10-15 layers protecting the skin surface. Dogs have just 5.

Mud treatments help fortify your dog's skin by nourishing and hydrating the external layers, helping diminish the effect of allergens and other environmental damage. Our doggy spa mud treatments use soothing aloe vera and hydrating omega oils and well as a selection of medicinal clays that have been shown to detoxify the skin and absorb toxins.

Have questions? Don't hesitate to ask!

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Good Chews = Good Dogs

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