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Guilt-free boarding and professional dog training

It's not unusual for dog owners to feel just a bit guilty when they drop their dogs off at the kennel before traveling. K9 Comfort boarding is designed to eliminate any of those feelings. We provide deluxe accommodations for your best friend that makes them feel right at home.

We also offer all of our professional training services to customers who board with us. That can include everything from a refresher to from-scratch obedience training. You'll return to a happy pooch who's learned a few new ways to make you happy, too.

Comfort for dogs and the people they love!

K9 Comfort offers deluxe boarding with the comforts of home, general training and custom-trained therapy dogs, from the staff of Ringneck Reds.


To ALL Boarding Customers and Dog Owners!

Just wanted to put this out there to help educate our customers about the kennel cough/bordetella vaccinations. K9 Comfort's policy is that we do NOT require this vaccination before boarding with us. The only vaccinations that the state of Iowa requires are the Rabies, Distemper/Parvo. If you and your vet choose to vaccinate for kennel cough, there are 3 ways your veterinarian SHOULD be able to administer the kennel cough vaccine. The first 2 ways are Nasal and Oral, both of which are a modified live virus. The 3rd is an injectable killed virus. When a dog is given the oral or nasal vaccine, they actually give them a mild live virus. You may or may not see symptoms of this. There is a time frame there after that the dog can actually be fighting and transmitting the kennel cough virus to other dogs. It is for this reason that if you or your vet choose to go this route, if your dog has received the oral or nasal method, the dog will not be able to board with us at least 14 days after the vaccination was given. Giving a dog with a compromised immune system this type of kennel cough vaccine could increase the chances that your dog will develop a cough or other noticeable symptoms. In our situation sometimes boarding a dog can cause stress for him or her, no matter how nice the facility is or the quality of care that is given. In our experience, just a little stress can compromise their immune system. We recommend the injectable, killed virus. Some veterinarians do not offer the injectable type. We encourage you to ask about it, if you go to your veterinarian prior to boarding with us and they say "if you are boarding, you'll need the kennel cough vaccine," they have no say in what us boarding facilities require our customers to have. It's true K9 Comfort doesn't know all of the science behind all of the new and changing ways in the animal health world, but it is difficult to ignore what we have seen with our own 7 dogs and the dogs that are members of your family. So there is no waiting period if you give your dog the injectable vaccine. There is at least a 14 day waiting period for the nasal and oral vaccine. We will NOT be able to board your pet if they were given the oral or nasal method within 14 days prior to boarding. We learn more and more about dogs every day along this path we chose and feel that it is our duty to help educate dog owners about issues like this, no matter how challenging it can be. We just want what's best for you and your dog. Thank you to everyone that read this and please take time to consider it.

Jason & Carrie Rowan


About K9 Comfort

K9 Comfort is owned and managed by Jason and Carrie Rowan. The Rowans have been breeding and training field dogs from their Bellevue, Iowa location for many years. Jason is a certifield professional trainer who has also provided general training services for hundreds of dog owners throughout the Midwest. Read more at the Ringneck Reds website.

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